“The Smell of Givenchy” - premiere of Mussa Aibazov’s new single and video

Premieres"The smell of Givenchy" - premiere of the new single and video by Musa Aybazov

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Mussa Aybazov presented the composition "The Smell of Givenchy" and the clip of the same name

The song about dizzying love was written for the artist by the poet and composer Vladimir Petrishchev.

Mussa Aybazov
Mussa Aybazov

“The smell can drive a person crazy. Just as the perfumer in the film of the same name created such masterpiece perfumes that, having smelled their aroma, people were ready to do anything for them, so in this song the key moment was the smell of a girl, which awakened in the guy’s heart real feelings of love and an unbridled desire to be close “says the performer.

The role of the attractive heroine of the video went to Gayane Grigoryants.

As conceived by the director Megi Katchieva, the beautiful model charmed the photographer, who was played by the artist himself:

“A very unusual experience. It was difficult, but I hope I was able to embody this image and the beautiful story shown in the video will seem fascinating to the audience. Filming took place in several locations in Cherkessk and Pyatigorsk. I am very grateful to the Octava team for the quality work done. They approached the creation of this project creatively, and I believe that they will not remain indifferent either to the video or to the song "The Smell of Givenchy".

Listen and download Mussa Aybazov's song "The Smell of Givenchy"


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