Finished shooting a new clip of the singer Zarina Bugayeva.

The video for the song “Uarzyn” (“I Love”) was shot by the Petruchostudio company in North Ossetia, in one of the most beautiful places near the Fiagdon River. These picturesque locations perfectly suited the main idea of ​​the song: “This is a story about a girl's love for a real Caucasian man. Due to such love, a goryanka can fly high into the sky with a bird, become a star in the sky for her only one, become a part of his life! ”, The singer says.

To play the role of the main character, the artist Sarmat Gabaraev was invited. Zarina notes that he is not just a great actor and a nice person, but he is also very similar in appearance to her ancestors - Alans.


The clip “Uarzyn” is a surprise that Bugaeva decided to make to her romantic fans. The fact is that as soon as the video on which the singer performing it appeared on the network, the song in one evening gained more than 20 thousand views. In numerous comments on the post, people asked to shoot a clip for this composition, and Zarina Bugaeva gladly responded to this request.

The premiere video is scheduled for the winter. So it is possible that under the new year fans of the singer will receive a musical gift.