Zarina Bugayeva and Ruslana Sobiev will take part in the production of the play “The Magnificent Eight”

Artists will play in the play in Vladikavkaz

In early March, in Vladikavkaz, at the North Ossetian State Academic Drama Theater. V. Tkhapsaev will be shown a production in the Ossetian language - "The Magnificent Eight". This is a comedy show set in America. Among others, popular singers will also act as actresses of the troupe Ruslana Sobievawhich already has experience playing in a theater, and Zarina Bugaevawho is waiting for an acting premiere.

Zarina Bugaeva
Zarina Bugaeva

“This is my first experience as an actress,” says Zarina, “it is very interesting for me, because once, at the age of 16, I dreamed of acting. And although in the end the plans changed, my dream still came true. We play in small episodes, we will also perform our own songs: I will sing "A Million Scarlet Roses" in the Ossetian language and with Ruslana - "I Love You". Now rehearsals are underway, we are gradually delving into the script, the production is very entertaining and funny: sheriffs, Indians ... I'm sure the audience will be delighted! "

The performance of the “Magnificent Eight” will take place at the Ossetian Theater 8-9 in March. Start at 18.30 Tickets can be ordered by phone: + 7 (961) 821-6717

While waiting for the performance, we invite you to watch the video clip of Zarina Bugaeva “Uardita” (“A Million Scarlet Roses”) in the Ossetian language

And lovers of high-quality music and excellent vocals can appreciate the skill of both singers in the playlist, most of the tracks of which are represented by the magnificent duet of Ruslana Sobiyeva and Zarina Bugayeva.