The duet of Angelica Nachesova and Tatyana Tretyak - “Golden Apples”!

This is the first joint project of singers. As Angelica told, the idea to sing together came from them a long time ago, it only remained to find a suitable composition.

“Tanya is now working in the style of chanson, focusing on this, I wrote a new track. We worked out very easily, especially since our voices perfectly matched timbrally. Golden Apples is a story familiar to many about lost love and regret. We hope that the audience will like it, ”says Nachesova.

Those who are going to concert of Angelica Nacheva in Maykop19 will take place on May, they themselves will see and hear this song performed by the artists. As we said, there will be a lot of unexpected surprises and duets on the show.

Now you can download a new track on iTunes, google play, Apple music, Music Beeline and Yandex Music.