Singer Azamat Tsavkilov Now he’s actively working on a new track and, as it became known, a song called “If You Knew ...” is only the first step in the implementation of the project, which the artist conceived together with the music publishing house “Zvuk-M”.

The song “If you knew ...” was written by a beginner, but a very promising author and composer, performing under the pseudonym Timger Hadzhiev. According to him, this is a song about “how difficult it is to find common ground in a relationship, but if love is alive, it will save the world!”.

Given that Sergei Repalov is working on recording and arranging, the project promises to be very bright and successful.

“Initially, the track sounded completely different, but given the fact that Azamat was to play it, Vlad Steshenko, who is the co-author of the arrangement, decided to replay everything. “We started working on the arrangement this summer, I think that’s why she has such a cheerful, warm mood,” Repalov says.

As for Azamat himself, the release of the single will be the beginning of a new wave in his work.

“We pretty much worked with the guys on recording this song. Now she is in work, but we will not release it in the near future. The fact is that we will definitely continue cooperation with authors and musicians of Sound-M, as we are going to do a full-fledged joint project. And this means that the tracks that we plan to create and record will be radically different from those that I performed before, ”Azamat shared.

Time will tell how Azamat Tsavkilov will surprise his fans, and we will follow his work and keep you informed.

Video provided by Sergey Repalov