On September 23, 2016, publishing specialists took part in the YouTube conference “VIDEOPEOPLE”

The management of the publishing house sees one of the priority tasks in working with songwriters and performers in the constant improvement of technologies for the distribution and promotion of digital content. From this point of view, interaction with the largest video hosting on the planet is impossible without constant improvement of the interaction of the content provider with the viewer.

YouTube has a billion monthly users. The service has more than ten million authors with subscribers. About four hundred hours of video content is uploaded to the service every minute. Watch time on YouTube in Russia is increasing by 90% year after year. This is above the world average and the largest market in all of Europe.

Participation in the conference YouTube "VIDEOPEOPLE"
Participation in the YouTube conference “VIDEOPEOPLE”

 "Video People" is one of the most important video hosting events. This year, more than 500 people gathered at it, including not only content providers of all ages, nationalities and topics, but also specialists from Russian and foreign branches of YouTube and Google, representatives of partner networks, advertising agencies and the press.

Specialists from the music publishing house “Zvuk-M” took part in the work of copyright groups and studied innovations in the field of legal relations in the YouTube community. Of particular interest to the participants were discussions on the topics of creating a positive PR image and working with journalists, secrets of analytics, metadata and trends to ensure an increase in the number of views of the material.

The knowledge and skills acquired at the conference will help in solving the main task of the publishing house - popularizing the music of the Caucasus and increasing the income of all participants in this complex process, from authors to performers.