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28 February 2017 held a meeting of the management of the music publishing house “Zvuk-M” with the general producer of the radio station “Vostok FM” Alexey Klyuev.

Director General of the Sound Music Publisher Mikhail Yugov arrived at the headquarters of a leading Russian radio station of Eastern music with an audience of more than 10 million listeners and subscribers.

The meeting was also attended by the deputy general director of the station on air policy and marketing Alexey Glazatov and Alina Akbasheva, the creative producer of the publishing house.

In the course of the talks, which were held in a constructive spirit, a thorough exchange of views took place on the expansion of cooperation between the music publishing company Sound-M and the radio station Vostok FM.

The parties expressed confidence in the presence of mutually beneficial interests of both partners, which consists in expanding the station's repertoire with compositions of Caucasian performers. The publishing house representing the interests of artists of the South of Russia, in turn, confirmed its readiness to make significant efforts to further advance them both in Moscow and in Russia as a whole.

In the photo: Alina Akbasheva and Alexey Glazatov
In the photo: Alina Akbasheva and Alexey Glazatov

“The radio station, although it is a commercial enterprise, first of all takes care of its listeners, providing them with the highest quality and interesting content,” said Alexey Glazatov. – In this sense, we are interested in studying and selecting songs belonging to the publishing house for broadcasting. There are performers and compositions that we definitely like and correspond to the station's policy, as well as the expectations of the audience. Prevailing importance is given to the quality and modernity of the material, its positivity and dynamism. “Zvuk-M” has such material, it will be in demand by listeners,” concluded Glazatov.

In turn, the general producer of Vostok FM radio station, Aleksey Klyuev, did not rule out the possibility of providing certain preferences for performers of the publishing house when organizing performances at Moscow venues:

“The uniqueness of the radio station is largely based on the format, which has practically no analogues in Russia,” noted Mr. Klyuev. — First of all, it is dynamic popular dance music with oriental elements from completely different countries of the world, including Russia. At the same time, we are, of course, an international radio, the waves of which combine world dance hits with a unique flavor, giving listeners the opportunity to get acquainted with the musical novelties of young contemporary performers in a variety of languages ​​of the peoples of Europe and Asia. The Caucasus, from this point of view, being one of the pearls of Russia, is of course represented in Moscow, but the expansion of this representation, as well as the expansion of the repertoire and the list of names of artists who, with the participation of the radio station, will be heard and seen by the public of the capital, will certainly benefit its future cultural development.

As it became known to the editorial office, the sound publishing house “Zvuk-M”, in turn, is ready to offer the radio stations its media resources, including channels produced on YouTube video hosting, as well as proven sales technologies on world digital platforms.

Summing up the preliminary results of the meeting, Mikhail Yugov, the general director of the music publishing company Sound-M, assessed the vectors of further cooperation with the radio station as “quite realistic and potentially extremely successful”.

“By making significant efforts to promote our artists on the Russian media market, we consider the announced intentions as an opportunity to expand the presence of performers from the South of Russia in the European part of the country, which is important from both a commercial and cultural point of view,” concluded Mr. Yugov. — And the format of the radio station allows you to do this. Russia is a unique multinational country, a kind of cultural diamond with many unique facets. Letting them shine in full force is our responsibility. I hope that with the help of the Vostok FM radio station we will succeed.

On the photo in the title: Mikhail Yugov and Alexey Klyuev

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