Sound mania. Issue #5

02 - 08 December 2019 years

Latest Premieres

«SoundоМaniya "

Weekly rating of the best musical premieres of the Caucasus

The first musical week of the month of December passed. We invite you to see what new music has appeared during this time.

For almost a month - since November 15, 2019, Islam Itlyashev's song "Son" has confidently held the first place in the rating of the best materials of the week. Since the beginning of December, the situation has changed: the first place was taken by a video clip for a song by Saro Vardanyan and David Kalandadze entitled “Gamarjoba, сavt tanem”. The premiere of the track and video for it took place on November 21, in the last rating this publication was in fifth place, and now it is a confident leadership. The composition "Son" has moved to the second position, in the third place is the excellent album of the sophisticated Olga Baskaeva "Time".

An unexpected guest of the rating is Magamet Dzybov with the song "Lalebi" in Georgian. The premiere took place on October 30 this year, but before that it did not make it to the top. The fifth place went to the Khubiev brothers with the popular song "Who are you now with", the sixth place went to Ruslan Agoeva with the hit of the season, the single "Separation", next, as we love, Amina Magomedova with the song "I miss you", and the top an article about the popular performers in the Caucasus and Murat Gochiyaev with the composition "Ketgens". Murat thus shifted from fourth to ninth place, and the long-lived track "Daheklei" performed by Rustam Nakhushev as a result dropped out of the top. You can listen to this song here:

Weekly Viewers

02 - 08 December 2019

🏆 1 a place 250 views

Saro Vardanyan and David ...
- “Gamarjoba, sav tanem”
Total 661 view with 21.11.2019

🏆 2 a place 230 views

Islam Itlyashev
Total 6222 views with 15.11.2019

🏆 3 a place 216 views

Olga Baskaeva
Total 940 views with 22.11.2019

🏆 4 a place 206 views

Magamet Dzybov
Total 500 views from 30.10.2019

🏆 5 a place 187 views

Khubiev brothers
"Who are you with now?"
Total 2200 views from 15.11.2019

🏆 6 a place 178 views

Ruslan Agoev
Total 4340 views from 21.10.2019

🏆 7 a place 160 views

Amina Magomedova
"I miss you"
Total 3350 views from 29.04.2019

🏆 8 a place 158 views

What performers are most often listened to ...
Total 11630 views from 25.07.2019

🏆 9 a place 135 views

Murat Gochiyaev
Total 415 views from 26.11.2019

Week premieres

02 - 08 December 2019

The first week of winter pleased us and our listeners with eighteen premieres, including new works performed by both already famous artists, such as Shamil Kasheshov, Timur Losanov, Kristina Yesayan, and new names: the 5gor team with the track Invincible, Lika Kosta , Arman Tovmasyan and others. Amina Magomedova presented the song "You Are Not Nearby", Akhmat Batchaev, remembered by the listener for the album "Caucasian Melodies" - a mini-album of four tracks "Sueme Seni", and the famous Nogai musician and performer Zagir Satyrov - a very interesting song "If not for me" ... All links to the premieres are below.

Top TrackCards of All Time

Traditionally, we present the TOP-10 of the best new songs of the Caucasian song for 2019 year, the premiere cards of which caused the greatest interest among our listeners for all time.

(I.e. 1 place 8374 view

Islam Itlyashev. "Son"
15.11.2019 Premiere Date

(I.e. 2 place 3158 views

Azamat Tsavkilov. "Where did you come from"
02.08.2019 Premiere Date

(I.e. 3 place 2973 view

Rustam Nakhushev, Arthur Gongapsh. "Medley"
06.08.2019 Premiere Date

(I.e. 4th place 2895 views

Reisan Magomedkerimov. "Heart is like ice"
10.09.2019 Premiere Date

(I.e. 5 place 2584 view

Kristina Yesayan, Ilya Sagliani. “I am with you” (remix)
10.09.2019 Premiere Date

(I.e. 6 place 2201 view

Ruslana Sobiev and Zarin Bugayeva. "I want to dance"
31.07.2019 Premiere Date

(I.e. 7 place 1959 views

Islam Kishev. "Si keshen"
22.07.2019 Premiere Date

(I.e. 8 place 1720 views

Bzerabze. Bzerabze
01.11.2019 Premiere Date

(I.e. 9 place 1683 view

Rami Daroka, Alla Boychenko. Gandagana
13.09.2019 Premiere Date

(I.e. 10 place 1548 views

Christina Yesayan. “Appreciate what you have”
23.07.2019 Premiere Date

Site visitors per week

02 - 08 December 2019

Musical publishing house "Sound-M". Sounding. Issue # 5

The whole world listens to Caucasian performers, only Greenland and South America with Central Africa are behind. In the first week of winter, insignificant changes took place in the top countries: Armenia moved up from tenth to sixth place, moving the USA, Belarus and Uzbekistan, Great Britain, France and Azerbaijan lost ground, and the number of listeners from Israel and Iran increased. As always, the rating is headed by Russia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, we are very happy for our friends in these and other countries, stay in touch!

Country Visits Visitors
Total 7050 6331
Russia 5529 4901
Kazakhstan 330 321
Kyrgyzstan 107 103
Ukraine 96 86
Ireland 91 91
Armenia 84 80
Uzbekistan 77 71
Belarus 69 61
USA 64 58
Moldova 57 49
Germany 56 53
Georgia 48 47
Turkey 44 42
Azerbaijan 43 43
Poland 29 27
France 27 24
Туркменистан 26 25
Israel 21 19
Tajikistan 20 20
Czech Republic 19 17
Abkhazia 16 15
United Kingdom 15 13
Canada 13 12
Netherlands 13 13
Italy 12 12
Iran 11 6
Belgium 10 10

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