Aina Getagazova. "Forgive"

A real man knows how to forgive and not live in the past. A melodic romance about life, love and condescension is presented by Aina Getagazova

Shamil Kasheshov. "Alien Bride"

"You are beautiful in a white dress, try to be happy, now you have become someone else's wife ..." A new song by Shamiel Kasheshov about a missed fate - "Another's Bride" was released. Poet and composer Rustam Nakhushev

Magas. "How are you there?"

"How are you there". A powerful track about love, filled with sadness and hope, was performed by singer Magas. Music and lyrics by Ruslan Yusufov


QM. A song about sudden and all-consuming love was released by EGO

Ruslan Kaytmesov. "Predator"

"With this dangerous lady - love is in vain ..." A new track called "Predator" was presented by Ruslan Kaytmesov

Razeta Ursoc. "Confetti"

Love collapsed, and weightless confetti scattered the former passion throughout the universe. Emptiness, groaning and collapse of dreams in the new single by Razeta Ursok - "Confetti"

Islam Aidarov. "Psycho"

Strong feelings, multiplied by jealousy, change consciousness. Islam Aidarov presents a kind song about love - "Psychopath". Words and music by Shamil Kasheshov

Asker Kushu. "I do not forget"

The pain of loss remains forever in the memory, and the sweeter the image of the girl, the stronger the depth of sadness. Asker Kushu presented the composition "I won't forget". Poet and composer Aliy Khut

Artur Khalatov - I am a patriot | Video premiere 2023

“Glory to Russia, I am a patriot! Glory to Russia, great people!” Artur Khalatov's video clip for the song "I'm a Patriot" has been released

Rirada - Live | Video premiere 2023

We present a bright patriotic video for Rirada's song "Live", dedicated to the memory of the defenders of the Motherland, including the soldiers of the 115th Kabardino-Balkarian Cavalry Division

Aina Getagazova - Ingush daughter (Remix) | Video premiere 2023

“For the land of your native land you are sick with your soul, for the honor of the Ingush you will rise as a mountain ...” Aina Getagazova sang the beauty and spiritual strength of the women of the Ingush people in the video for the song “Ingush Daughter”

Shamil Kasheshov, Islam Aidarov - Friend | Video premiere 2023

“Open your soul to me, know that in any bustle I am with you to the end ...” A video clip has been released for a new song by Shamil Kasheshov and Islam Aidarov about devotion and true friendship

ABI - Past

With the loss of a loved one, life loses its meaning, the world becomes discolored and slips by in hopelessness and helplessness. ABI Unveils Video for Song About Vanishing Ideals and Emotional Grief - "Mimo"

Islam Kumalov - Wind of life | Video premiere 2023

The video for the song about the true values ​​of a person was presented by Islam Kumalov. The composition "Wind of Life" was released to the music of Ibragim Maremkulov and the words of Aslan Mamiev

Rustam Nakhushev, Zulfiya Chotchaeva - Blue roses | Video premiere 2023

"I'm coming to you again with a bouquet of scarlet roses, but you don't look at me, and it's cold in my soul..." Zulfiya Chotchaeva and Rustam Nakhushev represent the picking of two lovers in a video clip for a new song - "Blue Roses"

Eldar Agachev - Girl from the yard | Video premiere 2023

To move into the future, you do not need to get rid of the past. It is unattainable, but beautiful and unforgettable. Eldar Agachev presented a video clip for a nostalgic composition about hopes and losses - "Girl from the Yard"

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A video clip for a new song by Islam Itlyashev - "Predator" has been released

The premiere of a new composition by Islam Itlyashev - "The Predator" took place. A video clip of the same name produced by "Petrucho studio" was released on the singer's channel

The artists of "Zvuk-M" are now on the air of "Tricolor-TV"

Now, in the music blocks of the Bolshoi Ether entertainment channel, viewers of Tricolor TV can see video clips of the best performers of Caucasian music

VUSAL. "Brown-eyed"

"I love, love you, my brown-eyed one!" A perky light song about love was presented by the performer VUSAL

HUSHIX. "Not forget"

Team HUSHIX released emotional debut single "Don't Forget" - about dreams and love

ALISHKA. "Azerbaijan"

"I can't live without my native land, Baku calls me with its beauty..." Maxi-single "Azerbaijan" performed by Alishka released

Eme Emeev. "Out of my heart"

Eme Emeev sang about the bitter anxieties of the heart, night experiences and separation in the new track "From the Heart Away"

VARTAN. "Love of a Bully"

Vartan spoke about a simple bully guy and the difficulties of communicating with him in the track "Love of a bully"

AMMALI. "Mother"

AMMALI presents a memory song dedicated to mom. Poet Konstantin Sokolov, music by Igor Kuznetsov

ZURAB. "Nirvana"

"My beauty, my nirvana, I'm drowning in bottomless eyes - oceans ...". Singer ZURAB presents the author's song about love - "Nirvana"

Khano. "Son and Daughter"

"When I see the white light, my family is waiting for me there..." Khano released a new song - "Son and Daughter". Words and music by Elmira Shomakhova

Dzhambulat Magomedov. "Trump suit"

"I drink wine, I play cards, I have a trump suit in my hands ..." A new song by Dzhambulat Magomedov about fate and luck has been released

Adam Gaidaev. "Daughter"

"My heart beats your name, daughter, yours..." Adam Gaidaev dedicates his new author's composition to his daughter

Rom Tamrazyan. "Cause of Tears"

"I brought you sadness, forgive me for this..." A new single about love was released by Rom Tamrazyan, lyrics by Artur Kencheshaov

Taulan Erkenov. "Dangerous"

"Very dangerous, unsafe, lies so beautifully, unbearably..." A new composition by Taulan Erkenov about unpredictable acquaintances has been released