Caucasian music. Opinions and preferences

Aneta Dyshekova @aneta_dyshekova_

(Correspondent. Presenter of the program "Cultural Express" on the TV channel "Arkhyz 24")

Aneta Dyshekova

Aneta Dyshekova

- What do you think are the advantages of Caucasian music?

- The advantages of Caucasian music is that it is based on national motives. And national motives are almost always the sounds of harmony, doule, or the same shychepshin. For residents of the North Caucasus, these melodies are closer and dearer. As they say, their own shirt is closer to the body. And yet, surely, each of us, being somewhere far from the North Caucasus Federal District, having heard Caucasian music, immediately remembers the house and it immediately gets warmer in the soul. And if this is an incendiary lezginka, then I immediately want to go to the dance floor, even if you do not know how to dance and there is no dance floor nearby. Therefore, for me personally, the advantage of Caucasian music is that it is associated with a small homeland.

- What is your favorite song on the Caucasian stage? Why?

- Now it is, of course, the sensational hit of Adler Kotsby “The smell of a woman” Despite the fact that this music sounded everywhere - at work, in the city, in cafes and even on holiday abroad, it does not bother. Under this song, in my opinion, it is possible both to be sad and to “hang out”, in general, one can say, universal. Maybe that's why she is so popular?

- Which Caucasian performers are you listening to?

- I’m probably listening if I say that I am a fan of Caucasian music. But I work on TV, and often Caucasian performers become heroes of our programs. And, of course, preparing for an interview with those who come to our studio or potential guests, I get acquainted with the work of each of them. And I can say with confidence that we have a lot of talented performers. I'd love to see in my program Alexandra GumaI think he is one of the brightest and most talented artists of North Caucasian variety art. Alika Bogatyreva - our colleague and a wonderful artist, who, in my opinion, can not only sing well, but also give herself on stage. Astemir Apanasov, Cherim Nakhushev, Fatima Kitaeva, Tatyana Tretyak. ... You can list many!

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