February 11 celebrates her birthday with a charming singer Advissa.

She began to accept congratulations from midnight, as soon as it was a holiday Sunday. And the first to be congratulated by close friends this year:

On February 11, charming singer Adissa celebrated her birthday
On February 11, charming singer Adissa celebrated her birthday

“My girlfriend gave me a real surprise with cake and fireworks. It was very beautiful and completely unexpected! Then friends came from Nalchik, and although I did not plan anything that night, we spent it noisily and merrily all together: we sang, danced, and had fun! It was great, ”shared Adissa.

Throughout the day, the singer received congratulations from her loved ones and, of course, from fans. Among the many beautiful flowers and memorable gifts, one was especially in heart - a ring with diamonds. Not for nothing that they are called the "best friends" of girls ...

“I would like to thank everyone who congratulated me on this day and continue to congratulate me! I really appreciate your attention and care. It is very important to know that you are surrounded by reliable people, that your work is appreciated, that we still have many more joyful minutes ahead ... ”, says Adissa.

We wholeheartedly join in the congratulations and wish the artist great happiness, new victories and success, love and warmth!