“Feelings require actions!” EGO released the song “You are with another”

Popular rap artist EGO released a new track in which lies the story of his life. The composition “You are with another” is another recollection of an artist whom he shares with his listeners.

Listen and download the song EGO "You with another"


“I never write songs when I am overwhelmed with emotions. I tried several times to write a text on a hot head, but it turns out messy. Time must pass, always waiting for the right moment when I can open up not only to the listener, but also to myself. Performing such a track as if I was returning to the past: the happiness, the pain that was there, I experience again during the performance, these are unusual feelings, ”the singer comments.

Few were not involved in the love triangle. Therefore, to many EGO listeners, the plot of the new composition will seem familiar.

EGO: “Love a person? Fight for him! ”

“A lot can be seen from afar, the same goes for feelings, very often we lose loved ones, but only with time we realize what a big role they played in our life and how badly they are missing. The song "You are with another" describes one of these cases. Of course, situations are different, just like people themselves, the only thing is, always follow your heart, it is better to do and wish than to regret that you did not. Love man Fight for him! Do not want to fight, then do not build yourself a martyr who is hurt. Many suffer because they like to feel sorry for themselves. But feelings require actions, and actions sooner or later give the result. I wish everyone to believe in themselves, not give up, dream and be always necessary! ”- says the performer.

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