Popular Chechen performer Nashidov Isa Esambaev became the hero of a live broadcast program on the radio "Grozny" (105.4 FM).

He was invited as the winner in the nomination "National hit" of the republican musical project "National Five - 2017".

Recall that the award ceremony January 28 took place in the Palace of Celebrations "Sofia" "in Grozny. It was then that Nashid "Akhmat-Khadzhi" brought victory to the performer.

This and much more was discussed in the Chechen language on the radio.

Isa spoke about his participation and the history of Nashid, and also shared his creative plans:

“Visiting the radio station“ Grozny ”is always greeted with a sincere smile and friendliness. It was a very interesting conversation. I hope many were able to listen to the broadcast.

The victory undoubtedly inspired me, and now I am actively working on my new album. ”

According to the artist, the appearance of a new collection of nasheeds can be expected this year. He will come, of course, with the support of the music publishing house "Sound-M".