Islam Itlyashev working on recording a new song

The track is called “Girl's Heart”, written by its author Farida Bostanova, and the sad story about unrequited love, which became the basis of the plot, was taken from life ...

“We put on music the real events that happened in the life of my friend. In fact, such situations in life occur very often, so some may recognize themselves in the song. I would like to convey to the girls that in no case can not fall in love with married guys. It brings only suffering. Thanks to Farida for having so subtly felt all the nuances that I wanted to convey. I tried to bring our ideas to life in the most vivid emotional colors, ”says Islam.

According to the artist, the video for this song is currently being thought out, and the song itself will be released in a full version in a couple of weeks, with the support of the music publishing company Sound-M.