Rustam & Life elements released single "Soul"

Artist: Rustam & Life elements @rustam_tsavkilov
Song title: "Soul"

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Lyrics of Rustam & Life elements "Soul"

The night gave me you
I believe in the life that fate gave me
But I don’t trust alien dreams
You have become a soulmate, my love.

I believe there is a world where pain does not rule
I don’t know, I wanted to say love
I will save your face through the winds
Let me all but do not give my love.

You are my soul,
You are my Love,
My light, you are the dawn
My scarlet ...

You are my joy, I am a sinful sun
Let the heart be so cold
Everything will turn around
Time, sad time,
Killed, but not me.

The whisper of a tired soul to be heard
You didn’t dream but believed sincerely
Everything turned around fate revealed to me
The heart burns your love.

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