This is the debut mini-album of a talented author and singer, which included 6 of her most popular tracks.

The album was not accidentally named after the song, which was written by the artist herself. Duet with Ruslan Hasanov “Dislike” is a reflection of the personal experiences of the singer, which she experienced at that moment when the artist suggested she record a joint track.

“The meaning of this song is clear and close to many, because the plot is vital. Alas, unhappy love in the world is more than happy and mutual. But in any case, love is a feeling that moves a person, inspires him to do good things, stimulates his spiritual and personal development, it is important to learn and experience it.

Do not be afraid that "there is no happiness without unhappiness." For a strong person, this is a kind of hardening, which does not destroy, but teaches us to value a lot, ”explains Olga.

Tracks about unhappy love harmoniously echo in the album with happy love songs. Therefore, each listener will certainly find here a reflection of their own feelings. And completes the list of compositions incendiary jocular lezginka about unshaven macho.

The album is already available for download at iTunes, google play, Apple music, Music Beeline and Yandex Music.