Premiere new song Sergey Leshchev "New life"!

It was the track “New Life” that the artist called the most reverent in his repertoire, because the author and performer dedicated this song to all the women who come waiting for the main miracle in their life ...

“This is a completely new look at the state of pregnancy of a woman,” the artist comments, “many men, touching on this topic in conversations or songs, admire the male principle, saying:“ Hurray! My son was born! Thanks to my wife! ” But no one thought about those incredibly difficult moments that a woman is going through when carrying a child. But my song, just about how a loving man sees this and is trying to help and support with all that he can, with his whole being. For example, there is a phrase: “... and would take this burden, as a man, on myself, but you can't argue with nature, well, you can't. Every day you become more beautiful ... ".

Sergey was inspired to write this composition by his wife and the period they lived together before the birth of the child.

The artist has repeatedly performed this song at concerts and, according to him, it evokes a special warmth with the public, mainly with the female.
“It may seem to someone that I’ve too deeply digged this topic, but it seems to me that we need to respect, honor and carry women who bring life into our world in their hands!”, Says Sergey.

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Listen to Sergey Leshchev's track “New Life”