Hot Latin rhythms in the new song of the band “Sultan Uragan” - “Bandito”! The composition that everyone has their own love and their tastes was written Sultan Hurricane @sultan_uragan for the new album, which is preparing for release and will soon see the light ...

"Bandito" - a new love story, filed in the style of a popular team - with humor, but at the same time - with all sincerity! Fans of the group will undoubtedly fall in love with the fiery dance motive of the composition and the funny text about the “bearded and stylishly dressed” bandit and his beloved “gorgeous lady” whose mother has become on the way of love ...

Listen and download the song "Bandito" by Sultan Hurricane

Another great news is that soon a video for this song, shot in Moscow, will be released. He is now at the stage of installation.

As for the track itself, it will definitely be included in the next album of the group “Sultan Uragan”, along with such tracks as: “At the disco!” compositions that the group is currently working on.

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