Sultan Hazhiroko presented today a new composition - “Kabarda”. Like many other landmark patriotic songs for the artist's repertoire, including the tracks "Kabardino-Balkaria", "Tskhinval", "Kabardians and Balkars", "Thrive my Caucasus", - wrote Anzor Haupa.

Sultan Hazhiroko
Sultan Hazhiroko

“I am extremely grateful to him and his talent for these other wonderful compositions that found a response in the hearts of listeners,” says Sultan. of our people.
I think every thinking person feels the connection between generations, not only fathers and children, but also a genetic connection with distant ancestors, their power that has manifested itself through centuries and in its residual form in modern times. I think our task is to remember and honor the customs and traditions of our ancestors, to try not to lose this value in the modern and chaotic flow of time. This song wants to make a small contribution to all this! ”

You can listen and download the single Kabarda by Sultan Khazhiroko on our website, as well as on any of the digital music venues.

Listen and download Kabarda song by Sultan Khazhiroko

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