2017 year is coming to an end, which means it’s time to take stock and plan new creative plans for the upcoming year. It was for this purpose that the head of the music publishing house “Zvuk-M” met yesterday. Mikhail Yugov and popular artist Arthur Khalatov.

Speaking about the results of the expiring period, the singer noted that health problems somewhat knocked him out of the schedule:

“This year was difficult for me. The disease crippled me a little, and it turned out that I didn’t shoot a single clip. But despite this, I got some new great songs. For example, “My most”, “Sweet”. They successfully rotate, people love them very much.

A large-scale work is planned for the next year. I want to get on federal TV channels and radio stations with the help of Sound-M, ”says Arthur.

These perspectives were discussed at the meeting. According to Mikhail Yugov, all this is feasible, and now for these purposes the specialists of the company are developing a detailed promotional plan.

In 2018, Artur Khalatov’s fans are waiting for new songs, music videos, and the singer is planning to organize a tour.

“They write to me from many cities, asking to come with solo concerts. I would like to bring these plans to life. In music updates, I think more emphasis should be placed on duets. I noticed that the public loves them very much. For example, the song "Chances Nil", which we sing with Angelica Nacheva, or “Rose white, rose alai”, which we perform with Albina и Fati Tsarikayevs - these compositions by the number of views on YouTube are gaining enormous popularity. ”

In addition, as of January 2018, the release of the song “Lanterns” will take place, which is already being listened to and loved by Khalatov fans.

“I wanted to say a big thank you to all my listeners for their love! And I also want to congratulate everyone on the upcoming New Year and wish health, well-being, happiness! Listen to good, cheerful music, so that your heart always was joyful! ”- the artist summed up.