In honor of the victory of the Russian team in a football match with Spain, Arthur Khalatov shaved his beard for the first time in 7 years

The Football Wave of the World Cup has captured fans from different countries. Even those who are far from the game are watching with interest the course of the matches and, most importantly, our whole country is proud of the series of victories that our team has already won in several meetings.

But yesterday's victory of Russia in the 1 / 8 final match with the Spanish national team caused a new storm of emotions among football fans: the main game time ended with the 1: 1 score, which did not change in extra time either. Therefore, the outcome of the game was determined by a penalty shoot-out, after which the Russian team was declared the winner.

Popular Caucasian Performer Arthur Khalatov - an ardent fan. Yesterday, he was so pleased with the result of the match that he promised his subscribers in the social network to shave off his beard that 7 couldn’t part with for years, and then put the question to the vote: do you leave your mustache? The voices split 50 into 50, and Arthur made the decision ...

Arthur Khalatov shaved his beard live

As promised, the next day, the artist went to the salon, where he performed the given word live - shaved off his beard, but left a “mustache” of hope.

Arthur Khalatov
Arthur Khalatov

Arthur Khalatov: "I do not throw words to the wind"

“Many people wrote to me that they thought that I was bluffing and would not do it. But I do not throw words into the wind. Of course, I had to go through myself somewhere, reluctantly to decide on this, because parting with a beard is something painful for me. But if Russia can defeat Spain, then I can defeat myself! I believe in our team and hope for its success! ”Says Arthur.