Today the official release of Lana Shavlokhova’s “Tsam Tsum” track took place.

The text written by Lana in the Ossetian language so successfully lay on the author's melody that a listener of any nationality becomes an unwitting participant in the melodrama telling about the love of two hearts.

According to critics, applying the classical three-fold architecture of the composition with the chorus, Lana created a special sensual and incredibly lively song, filled with feelings and hope for a happy resolution of all problems, due to the vocal skill, natural sense of harmony and literate arrangement created by the Dagestan composer Islam Akhmedov. accompanying lovers in their search and finding each other.

According to all those who have been rewarded with the happy opportunity to listen to the song, it forces "either to plunge into their own past or to dream of the unfulfilled."

Despite the fact that the “Tsama Tsum” track is already in rotation on “Radio IR”, Radio - Alania and “Kavkaz Radio” State Television and Radio Company in Vladikavkaz, the official premiere of the track will allow Lana to join the work of the wider group of people, and modern communication methods and digital technologies of the publishing house “Zvuk-M” will open the doors to the multinational cultural world of the Caucasus to the whole world even wider.

Lana Shavlokhova: "I hope that in the life of all people on Earth there will be happy love"
Lana Shavlokhova: “I hope that in the life of all people on Earth there will be happy love”

The song was made for almost a year; according to Lana, she became almost a cast of her heart, the quintessence of her own experiences and thoughts. Islam Akhmedov, in a conversation with our correspondent, highly appreciated both the incredible dedication of the singer and her unique ability to convey the most intimate thoughts to the listener. “I am glad that I had the opportunity to work with such an author and performer as Lana,” said Islam. “I would like to think that our cooperation will last for many years.”

“I get great pleasure from the realization that someone listens to my songs and they like them,” says Lana. - I hope that there will be more and more such people, that there will be happy love in their lives, because that's what I am telling in my works. I wish that each listener has found his soul mate, and that everyone be happy. ”

Musical publishing house “Zvuk-M” joins Lana's wishes and offers to listen to the official release of her song “Tsama Tsum” on our website.

The track can also be downloaded for individual listening on the largest digital platforms of the world. iTunes, google play, Apple music, Music Beeline and Yandex Music.