Azamat Pheskhov and Rustam Nakhushev released the song "On Gogol Boulevard"

Composition "On Gogol Boulevard", recorded Azamat Pheskhov и Rustam Nakhushev, will transfer listeners to the world of romantic dates, expectations and first love.

Listen and download the song by Azamat Pheskhov and Rustam Nakhushev “On Gogol Boulevard”

Artists have long been looking for a track to work together, and eventually decided that one of those songs that guys in their youth singing with a guitar with friends is perfect for this.

The theme of dates, including those that failed, is familiar to anyone, and therefore the fans were looking forward to the release of this track. The playful dance composition has already managed to win the love of the first listeners - the artists performed it at concerts in the Astrakhan region. After that, fans constantly wrote to the social networks of musicians, asking where to download the song. Today it became possible!

The singers also reported that soon another fans will be waiting for fans:
Azamat Pheskhov is preparing to release solo tracks around 10, and Rustam Nakhushev is working on recording the album “Three Wishes”.

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