Few days remain until the premiere of the new video Fati Tsarikayeva "Marry you."

“Marry you” - a large-scale work of director Murat Dzuev on poems and music by Zamira Zhaboeva, performed by an irresistible Fati Tsarikayeva in her characteristic energetic and at the same time romantic style.

As we know, the video comes out under the patronage of the studio Rigo-Media, and Zurab Bosiyev (BOZII RECORDS) worked on arranging, mixing and mastering. The director and cameraman of the project is Murat Dzuev, known to the audience for a number of documentary projects, filming of national Caucasian dances and holidays, interior and architectural objects.

Work on the clip went with short breaks for more than two months. The track, which was put in its basis, was ready in March, but Murat Dzuev, who heard it, was so inspired by words and music that his imagination immediately drew him a great video plot. With the decision to immediately begin shooting the video, Fati agreed. Work began on creating a video that was completed only on 20's May numbers.

“The song is very light, summer,” says Fati Tsarikayeva. - It can even be called a wedding. It is about love and feelings, about how important it is to have the courage to confess love, if you really love and don't want to lose this love.

Faty flatly refused to reveal to us the full plot of the clip, as well as the name of the one who played the main male role in it. It is only known that various locations in the city of Nalchik served as locations for filming, and the most incredible places, as well as the fact that the dance group of Mariana Saralp “Dance Step” as part of 6 girls took part in the shooting.

“The girls are dancing in a higher class,” a source told us, who was present on the set and wanted to remain anonymous. - And Faty in a wedding dress looks just awesome!

As you can see, so far the clip leaves us with more questions than answers, but we managed to get some photos right from the set. Special thanks to photographer Sate Tashugoyeva for this.

As soon as something new becomes known about this premiere, we will certainly inform you. Follow the news on our website and social networks "Sound-M".

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