Today, with the support of the music publishing house “Zvuk-M”, an album appeared on the largest music services. Shah Islangirieva - "The rhythms of my heart."
It has 14 tracks in Chechen, most of which are lezginki. As the artist says, this is symbolic for the period in which they were released.

“At each age stage, a person has his own emotional outbursts. In youth, the guys “play” the blood, and in adulthood, the person becomes wiser. All this is also reflected in his repertoire, if we are talking about an artist. That is why there are more lezginkas in this album - they are a reflection of my condition in those years when they were written, ”says Shah.

The singer calls one of the most beloved songs of the track list “Bezaman zesagash” (“Flowers of love”):
“Despite the fact that she is already 10 years old, she is still vigorously greeted at concerts and often ordered to perform. I always sing it with great pleasure! ”

Listen and download Shah Islangiriev's album “Rhythms of my heart”

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