Dmitry Yurkov presented a new album, “Step forward”

“A step towards” is the name of the author’s and artist’s album that was released today Dmitry Yurkova.

Listen and download Dmitriy Yurkov's album “Step forward”

The track list of the album includes 13 compositions of past years, the title of which is "Circus", and this is no accident. Indeed, according to the artist, this particular single reflects the overall concept of the music novelty.

Dmitry Yurkov
Dmitry Yurkov

“All the songs in the album claim to be a universal moral. She is perfectly expressed by the words from the title song: “The best medicine is a step forward. Make it the first hurry ... ". I believe that any big step towards the meeting consists of two small ones. This is not done by one person, in this process there should be two participants. And it does not matter if these steps are equal in centimeters, it is important that there is movement. Then there is a chance that the main values ​​will be preserved, the rest will go to the background, and friendship will win! What and all I wish! ”, - says Dmitry.

The new album is a great opportunity for fans of Yurkov to get acquainted with another facet of his undeniable talent to reveal important human principles in songs and expose the harsh truth of life there. The released singles are a huge success with the public, both in our country and abroad. And recently, Dmitri's songs appeared on a federal radio station.

“Composition“ Magadan ”from previous album - is currently in the daily playlist of Chanson Radio, so don’t be alarmed to hear my voice there, the performer jokes, and my other songs will soon sound on the air.

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