Музыкант Gilani Stadnik never ceases to amaze his fans with new projects. The other day he completed work on the composition for the vocal “SOPRANO Turetsky” - the female group of Mikhail Turetsky. This art group is unique in its composition: it has a variety of voices: from the highest (coloratura soprano) to the lowest (mezzo), and the girls perform compositions of various genres: classical, pop, rock and romantic ballads. They represent a new music show format: interactive with the public in combination of vivid images and heartfelt vocals.

In the role of author and arranger, Gilani was invited after hearing Gravity project:

“They liked my work, and they came to me, invited me to cooperate. I met with Mikhail Turetsky and Sarina - his daughter, who works as his deputy. We discussed the conditions of cooperation, and my first task was to remake the song "Euphoria", which sounded in a quick version. It had to be made more modern. I completely reworked the arrangement, rewrote the words, and it was a very cool track! Now we are presenting it, it is already working. We also signed agreements for two more author's songs for SOPRANO Turetsky, and then we will record an album, ”Gilani comments.

In addition, Gilani Stadnik is also involved in working with another team of Mikhail Turetsky - the male format trio. With them, the musician will also work on the creation of the album.