Have you already seen the original and full of spiritual warmth videos, published in the network under the hashtag "ProGorod"?

The Federal Agency for National Affairs, together with the ProRF Interethnic Patriotic Movement, is conducting the All-Russian relay race, where residents of Russian cities present their hometown with a video clip, which shows color, history, and sights through the eyes of citizens.

What formats only did not choose the contestants! Someone talks about the city through a walk of a happy family, someone hurries to the main date in his life, someone leads a live report from the most popular urban places .... The competition was attended by stars representing their hometowns.

So, the artist of the music publishing house “Zvuk-M” Isa Esambaev He made a video about Grozny, in which he clearly and verbally conveys his story and his love for his native land.

The very idea of ​​the competition “ProCity” is aimed at strengthening interregional cooperation, at developing a culture of communication. The whole country is big, we are all different, but each nationality is interesting in its own way, and each city of our country keeps its own customs and traditions, is famous for something outstanding. So why not talk about it?

The competition enables the younger generation of the country to unleash creativity, to prove that numerous selfies are not the limit of the abilities of the new generation. We love our country and are proud of our cities!

Well, according to the results of the relay, the jury will determine the regional team, which will become the winner in the nomination “The best coverage of the region’s ethnic and cultural characteristics”. After that, the project “Sandbox of Friendship” will be implemented in the city of winners at the expense of federal funds.

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