Today, another dance novelty from Ilona Kesaeva @ilona_kesaeva - "Mom, I did not know." The words and music for the song were written by Inna Babaeva, the arrangement was made in Moscow, in the studio of Dmitry Malikov.

Listen and download Ilona Kesaeva's song “Mom, I Didn't Know”

The singer said that in her work she gradually moves to a new style - dynamic dance tracks. Her last song "Under sail" and today's premiere of "Mom, I did not know" - songs released in this format.
The recording studio of Dmitry Malikov helps Ilona to realize the plans for updating the repertoire, where the artist has recently met with her professionals and has already actively started working with them.

Ilona Kesaeva
Ilona Kesaeva

“Inna's song has been waiting for its time for about a year. The words there are sad, but I wanted to submit them somehow especially, in a different manner - with ease, to replay these emotions. And now she came out just the way I was thinking - she is uplifting, I want to dance to her. I hope that my listeners will appreciate the new track and this style as a whole, ”says Ilona.

To listen and download the song "Mom, I did not know" is already available on all digital platforms!

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