Today a new song has been released. Aidamira Eldarova - “I can not understand your mother”

This is a joint project of the author. Anastasia Avramidi, arranger Amur Uspayev and the music publishing house “Zvuk-M”, which, according to the artist, can be considered as a continuation of the history of the track “I'm not getting married.”

“The song as if tells what happened to the hero of the composition when he did get married,” explains Aidamir, “the track is very positive, comic. Of course, some expressions that sound in it can be misunderstood in the Caucasus, but, in fact, the text is absolutely literary, there are no curses in it, only love! ”

Aidamir had long asked Anastasia to write something new for him, so he was very inspired when the text was ready:
“Nastya called me and said that she had written a song for me, I answered“ finally! ”And was very happy. When I listened to the demo, I was immediately hooked. And, although many may not have dared to perform it, I did it with pleasure! We worked with Amur for about a month, selected an arrangement, tried different options. In the end, I performed it as it is - the way I feel it. With this composition, I place more emphasis on the repertoire of Russian weddings, because the song is fun, dancing, I am sure that people will love it. I have already tried to play the track in several cities, and everywhere it was perfectly perceived, ”says the artist.

Now you can listen and download the new song by Aidamir Eldarov on iTunes, google play, Apple music, Music Beeline and Yandex Music.