The second international festival of Ossetian culture organized by the Turkish Ossetian society "Alan" was held in Istanbul.

The head of the Ossetian diaspora in Turkey, Sadrettin Kusaty, invited a delegation from North Ossetia to Istanbul.

The program of the event included an exhibition of works by Ossetian artists, such as Arkady Kumaritov, Akhsar Yesenov, Magrez Kelekhsaev and others; competition of Ossetian beer and, of course, treating guests with dishes of national Ossetian cuisine.

Ossetians presented their culture at the festival in Istanbul
Ossetians presented their culture at the festival in Istanbul

The festival ended with a bright gala concert, where the North Ossetian state academic dance ensemble “Alan”, the Ossetian dance ensemble “Bars” of the Turkish Ossetian society “Alan” and the ensemble “Nurton” enchanted the audience with their outstanding choreographic talents. Famous vocalists who performed songs about their native land also performed for the audience. At the end of the program, the hall applauded the artists standing up!

According to the Gradus Ossetia portal, during the visit to Turkey, representatives of the North Ossetian delegation also met with the Consul General of Russia in Istanbul, Andrei Podelyyshev.

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