Around 20 years, popular Georgian performers, spouses went to the release of their first album Teimuraz and Eliza Bojgua! Today, the world finally saw the album called “Forever”, which included 12 tracks in Russian, Georgian and Megrelian languages. On the day of the premiere, we asked the artists to tell us more about the project, and they happily shared with us memories of how these tracks were born ...

Eliza Bojgua
Eliza Bojgua

“Each of the songs presented in the album is an event of our life,” says Eliza, “and life is never always beautiful and only happy. The singers demonstrate a firework of joyful emotions from the stage, and the audience is left with the impression that it is also present in every day of the artists. But, unfortunately, this does not happen. Adversity happens, and I notice that often on such days Teimuraz picks up a guitar, begins to sort out harmony and gradually I get the sounds of a beautiful melody that looms from these notes. So songs are born. For 20 years, these compositions were collected in an album, the release of which we were waiting for! Always, when we thought that we were fully prepared for its premiere, something happened, something obstructed, but today it finally came into being! ”

The song "Forever" for good reason gave the name to the album. She became the favorite composition of artists in that period when life, with its ups and downs, made them endure a difficult test, during which this track played for them with new colors ...

Eliza Bojgua: "... I will share with you joy, sadness and pain ..."

“This is a very beautiful and interesting story,” says Eliza. - For many, it is no secret that Teimuraz once became very ill and was hospitalized for a long time. The song "Forever" was written a few months before. We performed it more than once, dedicating it to the families of our viewers. But during the illness of my husband, I seemed to hear her for the first time, I understood and felt much clearer. It says: “I will share with you joy, sadness and pain. We will never be reconnected, never, never, never! ”
Oncology is such a terrible topic, you always worry, understand that your chances are 50 on 50, but you try not to lose hope. Teimuraz was always in a positive mood, and every day I went to his clinic, and when I returned home I once went, cried, thought how could that be so? I listened to this song, analyzed and understood - the most important thing is the hope that everything will be fine, because in life, as I said, it does not happen that everything is always beautiful, there are adversities. But yes, "I will share with you joy, sadness and pain." See, the joy, after all, comes first. There are sorrows, there is pain, but life "will never reconnect us, never, never." This is the ideology of our life - “Forever”! We love this song very much. It is like a business card at all our concerts. So we wish everyone to protect their pockets, this is the most important thing. May the fire, the fire of passion, love and happiness never go out! ”
Common experiences, sorrows and joys are reflected in the songs of the Bojgua spouses, which famous poets, colleagues and friends helped create.

Teimuraz Bojgua
Teimuraz Bojgua

“All these tracks are completely different in their stylistics, but all of them are filled with such love, with such a soul, heart! Because we love life and it is mutual! I would like to thank for the help in the work on the songs of our friends and collaborators. The song that gave the title to the album was arranged by the musician Zaza Khubukelashvili. Co-author of several songs was Volodya Abshilava, our niece Sofiko also helped with the lyrics. A very fresh sounding was gained by the singing “Confession”, the arrangement to which was made by our eldest son Niko. The words were written by the beautiful poetess Valentina Bykovskaya. She, by the way, was the first experience of writing poetry to music.
All songs of the album deserve attention, we are sure that they are loved by our listeners or will still be loved and thank all those who helped us in the release of this project! ”Say Teimuraz and Eliza.

A few songs from the album "Forever" were also released videos, which can be viewed on the YouTube channel artists.

We invite you to listen and download the album of the Bojgua family on our website or on any of the music services!

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