The premiere of the song and the clip of the Bojgua family "New Year"!

Today was the premiere of the song and the video of the family Bojgua "New Year"! The project "New Year" was created last year. Then Taimuraz wrote the music to the poems of Valentina Bykovskaya, and Niko, while still studying in Ireland, made the arrangement of the future track. Upon his arrival, just a week before the holiday, the artists went to the recording studio to record the track, and then to the photo studio, where the clip was unplanned to be filmed ....

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Eliza Bojgua
Eliza Bojgua

“We decided to do a family New Year's photo session,” says Eliza, “but I made an agreement with our favorite cameraman, director Ilya Pugachev, to shoot us a backstage. As a result, we were so amused and sang that we decided to shoot a full video! It was a beautiful day! We worked for several hours: they sang, and danced and played the fool. It was funny, we still remember those shootings with pleasure, we love to watch the clip and dive into that atmosphere. We are often asked "is it at your home?", Everything turned out so cozy and festive! "

But at home, the Bojgua family celebrates the holiday extremely rarely. As befits artists, they meet the New Year on stage:

“In recent years we have been invited on cruises. We have been to many places. Traveled Europe, every day sailed to different cities. The year before last we ended up in Prague, Vienna. You can endlessly enumerate ... It is so pleasant and interesting! And on New Year's Eve we are always on stage with microphones. After all, they say, as you celebrate the New Year, so it will pass! - Eliza laughs, - This year we are not celebrating at home either, we will perform, our friends will join us. Let's sing and have fun! "

New Year is the most family holiday!

But even in such a tight work schedule, the Bojgua family managed to start and preserve new family traditions. One of these is meeting the New Year twice ...

“New Year is the most family holiday! The most wonderful, magical. I always make a wish under the chimes, - says Eliza, - on this night we are usually outside our native Georgia, but we celebrate the arrival of the New Year, first in Georgian time, and then we meet it where we are. This tradition has developed. And, of course, we sing polyphony, we wish everyone “Many summers”. Together, the four of us open champagne, make wishes and congratulate each other and our friends. "

On the day of the premiere, the artists congratulated their listeners on the upcoming holidays:

“We wish everyone happiness! Cheer up, dream and let dreams come true! The more we present what we want, the more real it will be! We sincerely wish the most important thing - health. The rest will all be beautiful! ”.

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