A novelty from the honored artist of the Chechen Republic Makka Mezhiyeva - the album “San Silakh Daymokhk” has appeared on the windows of music services today!

“My great Motherland” - this is how its name is translated from the Chechen language. This included more than twenty tracks full of hot Caucasian energy: both folk and pop.

In the songs of Makka Mezhiyeva it is told about the tragic and light stripes in the history of the Chechen people. She sings about peace, friendship, love of country. The actress, like the spirit of her people, addresses her ancestors through songs.

The new album has become an ornament to the rich repertoire of the singer, in which, over a long creative life, there has been accumulated material for several dozen albums. All of them will be formed and released by the music publishing company “Zvuk-M” in digital stores around the world.

Listen and download Mackey Mezhiyeva's album “Sun Siillah Daymohk”

From today, you can listen and download “San Sillah Daymohk” on all major music services, including: iTunes, Google play, Apple music, Beeline Music, Yandex.Music, as well as in the BOOM application (for social network users Vkontakte and Classmates).

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