The young performer Karina Raduyeva together with the music publishing company “Zvuk-M” is presenting her new song “Telegrams” today.

The history of this track, written by a musician Gilani Stadnik, began with the fact that the singer, who is currently studying at the faculty of pop-jazz vocal at the Tyumen State Institute of Culture, needed a composition for recording ...

“I came to the studio to Gilani and there, at one of the rehearsals, I heard this track. From the first sounds I fell in love with him! Bright harmonic turns, melodic lines ... I tried to perform this song and it turned out so well that I immediately gave it to me. The composition is written with a stunning taste of Gilani, for which he is grateful! “- says Karina.

New song of Karina Raduyeva “Telegrams”

The author of the song says that she was born in his head as quite vivid images, which he was able to bring to life through music. Before the eyes of Gilani, a whole story story suddenly broke out, which formed the basis of the composition:
“I suddenly thought that people might misunderstand this reality. Here is a boy and a girl, they talk among themselves, they promise that they will never part, not leave each other, and he tells her that if death comes, he will leave her messages on the windows of the windows, writing “Good morning!” for example. And the next day, the girl dies in a car accident. A young man, absorbed in his grief, walks and looks for her eyes in a crowd, dines alone in a restaurant, and looks out for her. But at the climax, we suddenly see how the girl, whole and unharmed, walks down the street, comes into the same restaurant and, sitting at a table, searches for his face in the people around him. And at this moment next to her, the inscription "Good morning!" Appears on the window. And here the viewer realizes that it’s not the girl who died, but the boy! It's like a movie - when people look at some thing intently and think that it is so, but everything is fundamentally the opposite. Not typical, of course, but the song was born under the influence of this story, born in my mind ..., ”explains Gilani.

According to the author, Karina was perfectly able to convey the mood that he had conceived, to perform the track soulfully and sensually. By the way, the artist in her institute also received high marks for him.

If you want to hear how the story presented by Gilani laid down on music and which one got embodied, we invite you to listen and download the track “Telegrams”, which is already available on all major music services, including: iTunes, google play, Apple music, Music Beeline, Yandex Music.