The successful start of the musician Gilani Stadnika Mikhail Turetsky’s vocal groups were marked by the release of the first composition for the female group SOPRANO Turetsky.

“Euphoria” is the result of a weekly work, during which the arrangement of the track selected for the art group was completely modernized, the rhythm was changed, some words were rewritten. All this was done to make the song sound more modern, demonstrating new bright facets of SOPRANO's creativity.

“I was inspired by the voices, professionalism of the girls from the group,” says Gilani, “this is an amazing team, they do everything professionally, efficiently and at the same time quickly. Here we must pay tribute to Michael Turetsky and Sarina, who know how to put work on the stream so that everything goes competently and debugged. For me, this is a very interesting experience. ”

From now on, you can listen to and download the track “Euphoria” performed by SOPRANO TURKEY at all digital platforms, including: iTunes, Google play, Apple music and Yandex. Music.