Sultan Hurricane gave an interview on the radio "Radio Chanson"

Views of the “Sultan Uragan” band - “Bahamas”, released with the support of the music publishing house “Zvuk-M”, are rapidly growing.

The premiere of the new track took place on the Radio Chanson radio station, where Sultan, live answering questions from listeners and presenters, told about how the track itself was born, where the video was shot and about its next projects ...

The artist spoke about the duet with the singer Natalie and the imminent release of his own film “Ponafely”, which all fans of his work look forward to!

“It was a hearty, fun conversation. Thank you all for your questions! The premiere of the song "Bahamas" on the radio held. Glad that she is already gaining momentum! Then - more ... ", - says the performer.

Those who did not have time to watch the video "Bahamas", we offer to do it right now.

Watch the video of the Sultan Hurricane "Bahamas"