Islam Satyrov shared his successes and plans for the future

In late February, the famous Nogai composer and performer visited the office of the music publishing house “Sound”. Islam Satyrov. He said that he has recently been working on recording a new album. Arslanbek Sultanbekov in Turkey. Our music editor Arthur Egazarov talked with Islam on this topic.

Islam Satyrov in the office of the music publishing house "Sound-M"
Islam Satyrov in the office of the music publishing house “Zvuk-M”

- Islam, now you work in Istanbul, with your mentor and teacher. Tell me how you got into this project?

- One of the largest production companies in Turkey offered its assistance in recording the new album by Arslanbek Sultanbekov. 10 songs in Turkic languages ​​will enter there, and Asau offered me cooperation not only in creating melodies, but also in performance. After the release of the album we have planned a tour of the cities of Turkey. Also, the same company will be shot several clips on the compositions included in the project.

- How many people are involved in recording the album?

“Now, Asau and I are writing the main parts and arranging them with various orchestral samples. Later on, we will prescribe the orchestra live. Although some Turkish instruments sound great in samples, so maybe we will mix. The team that will be involved in the recording is likely to go on tour with us. For me, this is also a new experience, because the whole rehearsal process is on me. I act as a sound producer.

- The project promises to be very interesting! But wouldn't the language barrier be an obstacle?

- Well, firstly, I know a little Turkish, at a conversational level, and secondly, now there is a conversation that Arslanbek and I will work with the teacher. That is, as long as we write the album, we will simultaneously study the language.

- Despite the fact that the new project takes a lot of time and effort, it does not prevent you from performing concerts?

- Yes, we had a performance on February 14, before that we had a concert in the south of Turkey. Now we are planning a trip to Kazakhstan, then we have an event in Stockholm. Everywhere we play the program of Arslanbek Sultanbekov, but as part of 3's people.

Islam Satyrov in the intervals between concerts in Turkey. Istanbul, 2019 year
Islam Satyrov in the intervals between concerts in Turkey. Istanbul, 2019 year

- How does the public react to eclecticism?

- Viewers like it. They mostly go for one song - “Dombra”. And always ask her to encore, shouting the name. There has not been a single concert so that this composition can be sounded only once.

- Is the foreign public very different from ours?

- Yes, it is different. They are accustomed to another. For example, in Turkey, no one acts even under a minus, it surprised me wildly! If you go on stage, then you either play by yourself, or a live band of musicians goes with you. Everything else is not acceptable to the audience. For the backing track with a lot of samples, they prefer just a dombra and a live voice.

The second difference is in the culture of perception of the concert. People there are more open, interactive is going on, and this is not always familiar to us. In our country, more and more officially passes.

They have a separate topic with photos after the concert - as soon as the performance ends, they all run onto the stage and spend forty minutes, you spend an hour on it.

- You said that the plans now to work on the Turkish public with their personal projects?

- Yes, there are thoughts like that. First of all, I want to record the song “Kaytar meni” in Turkish, and then a remake of one of the songs, the texts to which were written in past centuries.

- We sincerely wish you success in this project and in other endeavors! Thank you for the conversation, and our listeners are reminded that all the compositions of Islam Satyrov are available for download in all digital storefronts.