The premiere of Paul Weller's album “True Meanings” took place.

John William Weller (John William Weller), better known in the world of music as Paul Weller (Paul Weller) - British rock musician, songwriter, singer and guitarist.

The album “True Meanings” was released on 14 on September 2018 by Solid Bond Records and Parlophone Records as part of nineteen soulful tracks performed by Weller in a pastoral manner that tunes the listener to a calm and dreamy mood. The pleasures of listening add a non-intrusive instrumental arrangement and choral rehearsal, which are so famous for the compositions of this artist.

Paul Weller, who turned seventh in May of this year, is not trying to hit his audience with voice or expression, he just tells her about his thoughts and feelings, and the way he does it is so unobtrusive that the listener involuntarily submits to unhurried melodies, plunging into the peculiar world of music is the world of Paul Weller.

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