Popular artist Ruslan Hasanov became one of the heroes of the program Glyanets Madina Pakhrudinova.

In an interview with the presenter, the singer said that he came on the scene by chance and doubted until the last moment whether he had made the right choice.

Now his songs are listened to and loved throughout the Caucasus, Ruslan sings in several languages ​​and, as Madina emphasized, she does it very cleanly, without an accent:

“I had a love for languages ​​since childhood,” explains the singer, “almost everything that I sing is translated to me, otherwise how can I give an idea? Emotional presentation should be preserved ... I try to put my soul into each song and make sure that I don’t regret about the work done. And if the song “went”, the audience likes it, then I am very happy! ”

The artist also talked about what equals the professionalism of such performers as Nikolai Noskov, Soso Pavliashvili and Tarkan, and also answered questions about his repertoire, fans and plans for the future.

So if you have not watched the program "Glyanets" with Ruslan Hasanov, you can do it right now! The latest issue is already on YouTube.