Ruslan Kaytmesov celebrates birthday!

Today, a popular Caucasian artist Ruslan Kaitmesov celebrates his 34-th birthday.

The singer is going to celebrate the beginning of the new year of his life in a noisy circle of his relatives and friends who have been with him for a long time, sharing joy and sorrow.

“When age is approaching this line, you unwittingly begin to analyze, sum up certain results and build pans for the future. What did I achieve by the 34 years? I planted a tree, built a house, made a name for myself. Mom and my whole family are happy with this success. I go to my dream, take care of loved ones and continue to strive to conquer new peaks, because they are still ahead! I managed to achieve much of what I once dreamed of, the Almighty helped, ”says the performer.

Ruslan Kaytmesov - not a supporter of stereotypes, and therefore prefers to celebrate beautifully not round dates, but, so to say, ordinary ones. When he was 30 years old, he, contrary to the requests of relatives, celebrated his birthday very modestly, but all his friends still remember the event dedicated to 31. “I deliberately did this to superstition and generally accepted traditions! And it was precisely that holiday that I remember most of all. I just completed the house, and we very beautifully decorated the yard. Fountain, elegant tables, luminous trees, live music, sincere congratulations to my loved ones. I must pay tribute to my wife, her efforts made one hundred percent everything so wonderful! ”, The artist recalls.

This year the holiday promises to be no less memorable. But what makes a traitor today?

“All my life I wanted to be a leader, a boss. I am just a good organizer and manager, and I also studied just that. I want, while I'm alive, still have time to sit in my personal director's chair. Build yourself a business that will keep me in old age. And, of course, like any artist, I really want a new loud hit! ”, - Ruslan shares with a smile.

We sincerely hope that Ruslan Kaitmesov’s wishes will come true! We sincerely congratulate the artist on his birthday and wish you health, family happiness and well-being, love and many, many great songs!