Our correspondent in Vladikavkaz managed to talk with the singer Ruslana Sobieva.

Previously we wrote about Ruslana’s plans for this spring, including the upcoming shootings of her new video for the song “Where Are You”.

As we found out, the preparation for the shooting is in full swing, which does not prevent the actress from living a full life and doing the most important vocation of her life - to create, sing and bring joy to her fans. She recently returned from Germany, full of new impressions and new forces.

In a conversation, Ruslana admitted that from childhood she dreamed of becoming a singer, but life turned in such a way that she received her higher education at the law faculty of the North Ossetian State University named after KL Khetagurov. And she even managed to work on the main specialty for several years, but then the music took her own and literally won her heart.

- I am a 100% humanist in my heart, I like to read, I like to write. But, as it turned out, I like to sing most of all, so I had to finish with the work of the legal adviser, because I think that only things that you do entirely well can do, says Ruslana. - There are a lot of obviously talented people around me who are both designers and athletes, and makeup artists, all in one; and it is now quite fashionable among young people. And they even sing well. But I decided for myself that I must deal with one thing. Then it will turn out well, and you will never be ashamed of the results of your work. And so I literally gave myself to music and have never regretted it over all these years.

Ruslana Sobieva signs posters for her fans
Ruslana Sobieva signs posters for her fans

This fateful decision was made by Ruslana in Italy in 2014, where the video for the song “I Love You” was shot. Inspired by the landscapes of Tuscany, the singer returned to Russia and suddenly realized that she could not live without music. And he does not want to share the love for her with any other business. And after that with a career as a lawyer.

“Well, it was quite a decisive step,” Ruslana laughs. I still do not understand how I decided on him. But now I do not regret. There was a feeling that the native Ossetian region supports me in this decision. He now supports me. Although it was not easy at first to adapt. But now for the third year I create, sing, write songs for myself and for other artists, and everything works out.

- I would like to wish all young people, all those who are on the verge of choosing their profession, their destiny - listen carefully to your heart, go where it calls, and not considerations of finances, conjuncture, or some other. Listen to your heart, apply that talent that God has rewarded you with, be strong, purposeful, do not be afraid and do not avoid difficulties, and you will never regret your choice.

For our part, on behalf of the music publishing house Zvuk-M, all the fans of Ruslana Sobieva, we want to wish her further creative success, health to her and her family and good luck in all her endeavors.

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