Today, Russia is celebrating the holiday of workers in the telecommunications and radio engineering industries, as well as radio listeners - Radio Day.

For the music publishing house Zvuk-M, this is also an excellent occasion to congratulate its partner, Kavkaz Radio, which broadcasts daily songs of popular Caucasian artists around the clock.

On the radio waves “with a Caucasian accent,” hits hit by listeners, as well as the latest music news, programs about individual performers and the culture of the Caucasus as a whole, programs about the landmarks of the region, as well as its customs and traditions.

We want to congratulate our colleagues on the holiday, and in their person also - those who work in this field and just love good music! We wish you always be on the wave of success and positive! Good news and happy mood!

Join Kavkaz Hit in Cherkessk (105.9 FM), in Kislovodsk (99.4 FM) or online: