27 May 2018 was updated by Yandex.Music playlist “Blues: non-stop”. Now there are exactly 100 tracks from artists such as T. Rex, Chris Rea, Shawn James and others.

Authoritative sources call the blues “the quintessence of African folk culture with the progress of the development of Western culture and the socialization of the black man in it”. In fact, it's just good music. Almost seven full hours of the most famous compositions in the presented playlist will give pleasure not only to connoisseurs of the genre, but also to all listeners. If you have a subscription to Yandex.Music, you can download a playlist or its individual songs to your phone and listen to it without connecting to the network, for example, while flying on an airplane. Seven hours is enough, for example, to fly from Moscow to Beijing. Enjoy.

Photo in the top provided by guitarprofi.ru