Artist of the music publishing house “Zvuk-M” Sergey Leshchevrecently honored "Mr. Chanson 2017" at the festival "The Crown of Chanson" in Ryazan, once again became a participant in one of the programs on the TV channel “My TV. Stavropol region". He told the host of the “Actual Interview” program Ilya Zakharov about his victory, the geography of the competition and the repertoire.

“I brought two songs. The first is the “One” and the second is called “Native”. It was interesting here: I sent 2 songs, although I asked for 3-4. Then in the second email, when I sent two more songs, they said “no, thank you, let them remain”. That is, they immediately liked the first two! ”, - said the artist.

These tracks brought victory to the performer, and the Ryazan audience, according to him, warmly and even warmly greeted his work, singing and dancing.

Having told about the competition, Sergey Leshchev told viewers about how singles are written, hits are created: “When a song comes from somewhere from heaven, from the Universe, you need to record it immediately, otherwise it will be too late ...”. And it happened and such that inspiration, which came suddenly, forced the author and the performer to write lyrics right on the sand ...

In addition, Sergey Leshchev and Ilya Zakharov discussed the artist’s performance at the large-scale Moscow karaoke competition, after which he received many interesting offers that promise to develop into grandiose projects in the future.

You can watch the “Actual Interview” program with Sergey Leshchev right now.