Makka Mezhieva presented the album "Degnash Vovche Tai"

Today with the support of the music publishing house “Zvuk-M” @zvukm, a new album of a popular Chechen singer released Makki Mezhieva - “Degnash vvshe taicha”.

Listen and download Macki Mezhieva's album “Degnash Vvshe taycha”

The album's track list included 10 songs in the Chechen language, including “Degnash Vsheva Taicha” (“Reciprocity”), which gave the name to the album, and also: “Soge Khaykha” (“Call Me”), “Haha Govrash” (“Jumps ")," Nahonah nah "(" Worthy ")," Azeri tea "(" Azerbaijani tea ")," Tsala Lalo "(" Despair ") and others.

The theme of the album is quite diverse. It contains compositions dedicated to the Ingush people, love, work and other important aspects of human life. Beautiful compositions filled with bright emotions and experiences will not leave indifferent fans of the singer!
Starting today, the album “Degnash Vvshe Taicha” is available for listening and downloading in all digital storefronts.

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