As we wrote earlier, Islam Itlyashev successfully released his new track "You fell in love with a bully".

Whether this is really a hot topic, or an accident, but the listeners did not have time to enjoy one song, as there was an opportunity to evaluate another - which is practically the answer to the first one.

The question asked in the song of Islam will not remain unanswered: just the other day a famous author and performer of her songs Amirina share with his listeners new work - the song "Why we love a bully."


Amazingly, the idea to beat this truly vital question in his work arose in Islam and Amirina almost simultaneously, although independently of each other. About how this happened, the singer shared in the answers to the questions of our correspondent in Cherkessk.

Amirina told in an interview with our publishing house that long thoughts on the eternal topic about what kind of men girls like, what qualities they like the most and why and what they like to create are made her create.

It's not a secret, says the singer, that often young men are impressed by young daring, recklessness and mischief, and often by the desire to show their independence and ability to solve life problems, sometimes without attaching special importance to generally accepted standards of behavior and order.

In the song Amirina wonders:

"Why do bullies love,
And for their lives are ruining?
Bad and bad.
What is there about them? ”

The ability to show himself as a man who makes quick effective decisions in any situation, captivates girls, the singer believes. - The brutality of the external appearance, a certain charisma, a halo of the hero of the street - this undoubtedly affects the female imagination.

In the modern world, which represents a known danger to an inexperienced girl, it is logical to expect her to imagine the right life partner as a person capable of breaking the law - in a permissible sense. To some extent, these expectations are fueled by the media space, including militants that are popular among young people. The heroes of blockbusters are quick on the arm; they are courageous and do not look back at society when they rescue their girlfriends. Is it correct? This is what we are trying to think with the fans in the new song.

Amirina sincerely believes that most of the real men inside still remain hooligans - in the good sense of the word, moreover, most of them stop in time and do not go over the permissible boundaries.

The ability to achieve success in life, to manage and win in business, to raise children and protect a family are not the qualities that arise from nowhere, the singer is sure. Men with a capital letter are those who are endowed with the properties of a fighter, the ability not to retreat and not to give up. Girls know how to recognize these qualities, smart girls can manage these qualities. This is their talent. In the end, even if she marries a “bully”, with her love she can turn excessive aggression into stubbornness, impulse into a passion, and unjustified recklessness into courage.

And then the “hooligan” turns into a strong family man, a successful businessman, a self-confident politician.

Were the girls who “fell in love with the bully” lucky and made of them balanced by strong spirit of men with the help of their love that you can rely on? Amirina believes lucky. “And I was lucky too,” she smiles.

“In the context of this interview, I would like to wish the visitors of the website of the publishing house Zvuk-M, all my fans and listeners the very best,” Amirina finishes. - And the girls will say this: Let there be both bullies and calm and sensible guys in your life. And we will reserve the choice after all!

From the editors. The release of the new song Amirina is scheduled for the end of January. After this interview we will wait for him with twice as much impatience.