Popular artist Arthur Khalatov is preparing to release an incendiary track called "My very".

Arthur Besaev wrote music and words to the new song, who had previously arranged for the composition. Khalatov "Arturik". The first joint work gave good results and, according to the singer, it was already clear that it would not be the last.

“The other day, I spoke on the phone with Arthur Besaev, and asked me to write a quick, summer, easy song in another, unusual for me genre. After a couple of days, he sent me a demo version, which immediately pleased me! We polished the nuances and I went on record.

The song is actually energetic and fast, I am sure that you will not be able to keep from dancing! Of course, there were difficulties when working in a new musical style, but it is always good, because to go further, try to surprise my fans, which I used to do, I don’t want to be realized in one direction. Everyone has different tastes, I want to please everyone! ”Says Khalatov.

The song "My most" will be released soon. Keep for updates.