“Arcane Astral Aeons” is a new album by the gothic metal band Sirenia

Arcane Astral Aeons is the ninth great album of the Norwegian gothic band Sirenia, performing in the genre of Epic metal. It was released on 26 on October 2018 by independent Austrian record company Napalm Records, which is focused on rock artists. A characteristic feature of Sirenia is the large-scale use in their compositions of female vocals with inserts of choral singing, growling and clear male voice, which is typical of most works in the genre of Epic metal.

Как writes Olga Kann in his article "The history of the formation and features of the epic metal genre", quote: "For epic metal, conceptual albums and rock operas with a plot basis devoted to mythology, legends and fantasy are characteristic."

We suggest listening to the album “Arcane Astral Aeons” and agreeing (or not agreeing) with Olga's opinion.

“Arcane Astral Aeons” is the second record of Sirenia with the participation of French vocalist Emmanuel Zoldan, who was able to show how seriously the advantage of the opera technique over all others. Guitarists Jan Erik Soltvedt and Nils Kurbaron, as well as Emmanuel Zoldan took part in the creation of the album, providing a bit of French lyrics in the overall epic architecture of the collection.

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