The project “Victory Songs” was created in 2015 year as part of the celebration of the 70 anniversary of the Victory and was first held in Moscow on Poklonnaya Hill, gathering more than 150 thousand people.

The project "Victory Songs". Photos from the site
The project "Victory Songs". Photos from the site

As the website informs, the idea to expand the geography of the project and transform it into a historical marathon arose from the People’s Artist of Russia and the head of the famous bands Michael Turetsky immediately after the 7 of May 2017 of the Victory Song action took place with great success in Berlin. Then, on one of the oldest and most beautiful squares in Germany, the Land of Smiles by Franz Lehar, the aria Sadko from the opera The Varangian Guest sounded, a potpourri on Jewish melodies, Dark Night, Katyusha, Blue Hanky ​​... Thousands The audience, not hiding their tears, listened to the songs of the war years, as well as masterpieces of world classics. A special number was the performance of "Katyusha" in German.

In 2018, the Turkish choir will launch the Victory Songs international marathon with a performance in the Folies Bergere concert hall in Paris.

As reported on the site, in the Paris program - Victory songs not only in Russian, but also in other languages. “The concert will be an action of peace, friendship and love between countries that fought with a common enemy during the Second World War,” said artistic director of creative groups, People’s Artist of Russia Mikhail Turetsky.

Marathon "Victory Songs" in Paris. Photos from the site

After the Paris program, the Choir of Turkey and Soprano will perform in Ljubljana (May 4), Vienna (May 5), Berlin (May 6) and Minsk (May 8). On Victory Day, a concert will be given at the Belorussky Station square in Moscow. Then Russian artists are expected in Tel Aviv and in New York, where they, in particular, will perform in the Hall of the UN General Assembly.

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